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Our unique Page Rank Checker tool provides you the best service to check the rankings of any URL of a website or blog that you are looking for. This amazing tool guarantees the most accurate results compared to other page rank checkers on other websites that deliver false promises as they do not show the exact results. Our tool specifically provides the rankings of all the websites according to Google PageRank interface. The page rank checker tool on our website is absolutely free to use for anyone who has an access to the internet. This brilliant tool is really simple and quick to use, and on top of that even a computer illiterate can access it without any hesitation or difficulty. The application basically uses the Google SEO tool bar which is the basically the actually brains behind this amazing project. The problem with various web developers working on SEO based projects is that they do not have a clue how the Google PageRank works, hence they look for short cuts and cheap tactics to increase the ratings of their websites overnight. The algorithm that calculates the ratings of all the webpages only reads the amount of traffic and links generated on each page. The entire process of page rank system is way more complex than you think, that is why we make your task easier by just giving you the result in a single click which saves your time and energy. Using the tool efficiently for your search engine optimization business can do wonders for you.